Frequently Ask Question
Thank you for your interest in Step2 products. We have gathered the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about our products. We hope to instantly provide you with the info you are looking for. To get started, use our FAQ search box below. You can also send us an email by clicking the "Contact Us" tab. Please allow 1-2 business days for e-mail replies.

1. Where can I purchase Step2 products?

  • Click on the product link for purchase information.
  • Alternatively, visit www.j-kidz.com for online order of Step2 products.

2. My new Step2 purchase has a missing part. What should I do?

  • If your new Step2 purchase has a missing part(s), kindly email us with the following:
    • Product name
    • Missing item(s) (as from instruction manual)
    • Original purchase invoice or Delivery Note
    • Name and Contact details
    • Email: info@j-kidz.com

3. How can I obtain replacement parts for my Step2 products?

  • You can email us to let us know the item you are looking for.
    Email: info@j-kidz.com
  • Kindly do let us know the product name as well as the part(s) you are requesting. (Alternatively, you can send us a picture of the product as well as the part(s) required)

4. When an item from Step2 is discontinued, will there be a chance for it to be available again?

  • When an item is discontinued, it’s usually to accommodate new models, changes in designs, colours etc.
  • When an item is discontinued, and has been for sometime, there may not be replacement parts for it.