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General Information

1.Where can I purchase Step2 products?

  • Click on the product link for purchase information.
  • Alternatively, visit www.j-kidz.com for online order of Step2 products.

2.My new Step2 purchase has a missing part.

  • If your new Step2 purchase has a missing part(s), kindly email us with the following
    • Product name
    • Missing item(s) (as from instruction manual)
    • Original purchase invoice or Delivery Note
    • Name and Contact details
  • Email: info@j-kidz.com

3.How can I obtain replacement parts for my Step2 products?

  • You can email us to let us know the item you are looking for.
  • Email: info@j-kidz.com>
  • Kindly do let us know the product name as well as the part(s) you are requesting.
    (Alternatively, you can send us a picture of the product as well as the part(s) required)

4.When an item from Step2 is discontinued, will there be a chance for it to be available again?

  • When an item is discontinued, it’s usually to accommodate new models, changes in designs, colours etc.
  • When an item is discontinued, and has been for some time, there may not be replacement parts for it.